World Stroke Month takes place throughout May. Do you know all of the warning signs? Most people are aware of the three symptoms the American Stroke Association lists in the acronym FAST. These include:

  • Face droopingElder Care in Scottsdale AZ: May is Stroke Awareness Month
  • Arms falling
  • Speech slurred or difficulties are present
  • Time to call 911!

What about other signs? Here is a longer list of early warning signs you should recognize. A stroke can happen at any time. The earlier your aging parent gets treatment, the better the chances of a full recovery.

 Vision Problems

 One of the first signs of an impending stroke are vision issues. The vision may be affected in just one eye or in both. There may be blurred vision, double vision, or even partial or complete blindness.

 Numbness or Weakness in Limbs and Face

 A sudden appearances of numbness or weakness in the arms, legs, and even face can be an indicator of a stroke. The numbness may feel like pins and needles. Typically, the numbness or weakness is prevalent in just one side of the body.

 Confusion and Trouble With Speech

 Someone who is about to have a stroke may have a hard time talking or understanding what you are saying. Confusion sets in and communication will become difficult.

Problems With Balance and Coordination

People who are about to have a stroke may feel dizzy or have a hard time walking around. Balance issues are common when a stroke is about to happen.

 Unexplained Headache

 Not every headache signals a stroke is imminent, but a sudden headache that doesn’t seem to have any cause can be. If the headache is very painful, it’s best to seek urgent care, even if it turns out to be nothing. If it is the sign of a stroke, the earlier treatment is received, the easier it is to recover.

 What Happens After a Stroke

If your parent does have a stroke, the hospital will run scans to determine the type of stroke and may give a medication to break up clots. After that, therapy becomes necessary to help regain full movements and speech. During this time, your parent will be unable to live alone. Typically, he or she will be moved to a rehabilitation facility and then transferred back home after a few weeks of therapy.

 You may need to hire an in-home elder care service to ensure someone is home to help with things like laundry, meal preparation, and cleaning. Your parent may need help with many things, so it’s important to set up home care with an elder care provider as soon as possible to make the transition to life after a stroke as stress-free as possible.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering hiring in-home elder care in Scottsdale AZ. Please call the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care Scottsdale. We are here to help!





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