R pixRRodney Malone, Partner/COO, has spent the majority of his career successfully managing teams in the field and growing businesses. Rodney formerly ran a janitorial firm that grew from two persons in Ohio to the largest in three states. Rodney successfully ran another family business as well- Arizona Final Clean. Prior to running businesses, Rodney earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Cincinnati. As well as being extremely active on campus Rodney was an active Member of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. Rodney’s commitment to “being of service”started at home as well. Rodney was raised by his Grandmother, who raised 10 kids of her own and two Grandchildren. “Granny” gave him a unique perspective on always caring for others, no matter what the circumstances. Finally, Rodney’s leadership, working with several charitable organizations, focused on special needs advocacy, has given him a unique perspective on the importance of opportunities for everyone. Rodney firmly believes we can achieve more collectively that we can alone.