L pixLLaurie Malone, Managing Partner/CEO, has a long tenured business background, growing and managing companies. Laurie has managed two national sales teams and completed more than $1.5 billion in business transactions. Laurie’s passion ,for working with seniors and disabled persons, stems from personal experience. Laurie’s Dad and Mom, who are 91 and 81 years old respectively, are fiercely committed to staying in their home where they have lived for 40 years. Their home is their identity and Laurie has learned the importance of keeping that comfort intact. Also, Laurie has served on the Board for two organizations, specifically focused on helping and developing solutions for special needs individuals. Laurie and Rodney’s oldest son, Christopher, teaches special needs children in greater Tucson. Compassionate care is a family passion. Laurie believes fundamentally that hiring the best quality, certified caregivers (CNA’s) is very important to bringing the best care to clients.