L pixLLaurie Malone, Managing Partner/CEO, has a personal passion for seniors.  Laurie’s Dad and Mom, who were married 64 years insisted that they would always remain in their home. Their home is their identity and Laurie has learned the importance of keeping that comfort intact. Dad, now 95 is living safely at home with personal care. Mom, passed in 2016, but was happy to be safe at home. Laurie sits on a community wide community for Dementia Education. Laurie and Rodney’s oldest son , Christopher and his wife, Kelsey, teach special needs children in greater Tucson. Maximillian, 20 is a full time ASU student and volunteered at Cortney’s Place in high school, an adult day care for people with special needs. Emilie, their 12 year old daughter volunteers by visiting seniors. Compassionate care is a family passion. Laurie also serves as Secretary of the Board for K2 Adventures Foundation. The Malone family believes in being of SERVICE!